Why our hosting?

Why it's worth to choose Tidewater Network Solutions hosting?



We make sure that your website and network are safe and secure to help with preventing attacks.


We make sure that your website and network are working efficiently and stable.
Technical support

Technical support

We provide technical support for both your website and network.
Complete solutions

Complete solutions

We offer complete solutions for both your website and network that work best for your companies needs.

How we do it?

We make sure to focus on three things for all of our clients...making sure your website stays secure, fast, and safe. We optimize our servers with the latest technology to allow our clients to always have the fastest speeds possible.

We setup your very own cloud server for our clients and manage everything on it from security, updates, even the updates for your WordPress site. All of this is built on Amazon or Linode infrastructure. We also provide all our our clients with Cloudflare Pro edition. Cloudflare does an amazing job blocking more of the attacks that would happen on your site and they even store your site files on their servers around the world. When it comes to hosting some companies are in it for the max dollar possible on one server. At Tidewater Network Solutions your sites are on their very own server. We want your websites to load as fast as possible. If your site is not loading fast we’re not happy.

  • We provide 99.9% uptime.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Website updates & support.
  • 24 hour tech support.
  • We provide best tools and support ever.

Our Guarantee

We do not like downtime as much as you do, and we do everything we can to ensure all our customer’s websites have the highest possible uptime! We are so confident, we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee so that if we don’t hit this mark you get your money back. In this day of age speed matters, not only to the search engines but to your customers. That’s why we try to make your website as fast as possible. For high demand websites we have our customers websites run though our CDN network for extra speed..

Advantages of Choosing Us

1. Daily offsite daily backups via Idera Enterprise Backup. – Many host including the larger ones only backup your site once a week. Our system automatically backups your site nightly to a backup file you may also download yourself via Cpanel. Not only that but your managed server is copied weekly via a snapshot in case of complete failure.

2. One hour free of support on your WordPress or Magneto when you sign up. Our team will review your WordPress or Magento to increase performance and give you suggestions on changes you should make to speed up your site. Many plugins for both WordPress and Magento can slow down your site because of poor optimization. We will help identify those plugins to optimize your site better. There are also some plugins and settings for WordPress and Magneto that can help with performance. WordPress or Magento admin username / password required for review.

3. We will move you from your old host to us for free.

(We will move unlimited sites with server root access, up to 20 CPanel to CPanel sites without root access, and up to 5 non CPanel during normal business hours M-F 9-5. If you have more sites than the amounts above we will move them for an extra fee. We will also move your sites after hours for an extra fee).